Ask – listen – do

We want to keep improving for our employees – and have started the “Attractive Workplace” project.

Increasing employee satisfaction and increasing communication and transparency at all levels – these are important goals of our Fit For Future program. And they are core elements of the “Attractive Workplace” project that Antje Engelmann, our managing director of Rieck Fulfillment Solutions, started.

She wanted to know: What measures make the respective workplace at Rieck even more attractive? And who knows the answer better than our colleagues! Therefore, she designed a questionnaire together with our working student Ole Engelmann and initially started the survey at the Berlin-Schönefeld location.

“Sometimes you have to ask specific questions in order to give new ideas the space they need.”
Antje Engelmann

The response was great: almost 100 different suggestions were received. Together with the team and department managers, we categorized all suggestions and ideas and checked them for feasibility.

Transparent communication

“One thing was particularly important to us: absolute transparency and communication at eye level,” explains Antje Engelmann. In other words: The project team has explained in advance exactly how the survey and the subsequent implementation will work. After the evaluation, all employees were informed about the results and the resulting milestones were passed on to colleagues in smaller meetings.

Quick to implement

“Sometimes it’s just the little things that make someone’s workplace more attractive – like re-labelling old place labels or more frequent printer maintenance,” explains Antje Engelmann. “And sometimes it’s about changing processes or making larger investments – but no matter what it was, we tried to do it in a timely manner.”

Many thanks to all colleagues who brought the project to life with their great suggestions. Below is a small selection of the first measures implemented. And maybe there are already a few ideas for the Hamburg location - the survey will start here in the next few weeks.

Foto: lachende Frau an einer Wickelmaschine in einer Lagerhalle
Zwei Wickelmaschinen helfen, Paletten in Stretchfolie einzuwickeln – das geht schneller und ist gesundheitsschonender.
Foto: Mann in einem Büro steht an einem höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisch
Höhenverstellbare Schreibtische erlauben einen Mix aus Sitzen und Stehen am Arbeitsplatz. Das lockert die Muskeln und verhindert Rückenschmerzen.
Foto: Bild hängt an einer Wand über einem Sideboard, Bildmotiv: Logistikhalle der Rieck Logistik-Gruppe als Aquarell gezeichnet
Schallschutz-Bilder mit Rieck-Motiven verbessern die Raumakustik und verringern die Geräuschkulisse.
Foto: umgeklappte Fußmatte mit ergonomischen Noppen auf der Oberseite
Isolierende und ergonomische Fußmatten schützen vor Kälte und entlasten beim Stehen.
Foto: Frau mit einem angelegten Exoskelett hebt Kisten von einer Holzpalette in einem Lager
Das Exoskelett hilft, beim Heben von schweren Gegenständen den Rücken zu entlasten.
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