100 days of induction and now 100 days "in office": We talk to Sascha Laßau about projects, priorities and plans.

[Translate to EN:] Gruppenfoto der Teilnehmenden

... by bike on the 'Tour de Rieck'. A great experience for the five colleagues - and a great result for our sports club.

For the body, the soul - but also for the community. How? With the virtual Rieck sports club.

Career steps through company hopping? We want and live differently. We promote the "career at Rieck".

...our colleagues at Rieck Entsorgungs-Logistik in Neuss can of course do this. But also worldwide logistics solutions and individual warehouse…

Already as a child, Jonas Piepenbring dreamed of becoming a truck driver. He fulfilled his dream at Rieck Entsorgungs-Logistik in Neuss.